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Supernova Help

Single Player Quick Start

Defend yourself tower-defense style and go on the offensive once you have researched the necessary technologies. As an example, a game may take the following form:

  1. Research some technologies with the initial research points. You will need to defend yourself immedietly so a good first choice is Attack I.
  2. Create one or more Probe ships and find nearby wrecks to enhance it.
  3. Use the Probe ships to pick up any nearby goodies on planets, and to explore nearby systems for research points.
  4. Create a small collection of attack ships and keep them on your home planet to defend it.
  5. Make sure to acquire gold, by picking up lump sums on planets, mining them with mining ships, or building a mining base once you have colonised the planet.
  6. Newly launched enemy ships get more powerful as the game progresses so you will need to research additional attack slots, and perhaps mix and match those with shields, armour and speed slots.
  7. Expand into other planets within your home system by colonising green planets, and perhaps terraforming (and then subsequently colonising) brown ones.
  8. Increase the rate of research by building Research facilities on planets. This is important because subsequent technologies cost more.
  9. Research the Invade ship ability and use ships equipped with that ability to bombard enemy planets. When all of the planets in an enemy system have been depopulated, it can no longer send ships to you. You can then also colonise the system.
  10. Once all enemy systems have been depopulated, you will win the game!

A YouTube tutorial is available:


  • You get research points for exploring star systems.
  • The "Automated Explore" action can be researched, and ships set to explore automatically will pick up all available goodies in unexplored systems.
  • Use the scatter ability (X) to fan out ships, making it easier to select a single ship.
  • Orbitals are great, but they get destroyed in place of a population point if an enemy ship tries to invade.
  • Ships can be placed into formation via the F key.
  • You can slow down and speed up time via the [ and ] keys respectively.

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